It is our conviction that the health of the Church depends on the proclamation of God’s Word.

It depends on the preaching of the Scriptures through the power of the Holy Spirit by preachers and teachers who really believe the Bible to be the words of God, and the expositional ministry that flows from that preaching. While millions of men and women may have learned to subsist on something else for their spiritual sustenance, it is our belief that they are, in reality, hungry for God’s Word.

When we began the Charles Simeon Trust, one of our first endeavors was to develop Workshops on Biblical Exposition. These training events, lasting two or three days, are now held in dozens of locations worldwide. The workshops help pastors and Bible teachers to learn methods of expositional preaching, be encouraged through sitting under God's Word, and gather in small groups with the aim of sharpening each other’s teaching.

Our other foundational initiative was the Simeon Model—a residential training scheme that combines the best of seminary education with a real church environment and the guidance of established, working pastors. But growing gospel churches around the world and broadening our reach right here in the U.S. requires a different kind of effort, an exponential effort. This work has expanded to include an online training platform called the Simeon Course on Biblical Exposition.We are also working toward establishing an interactive research environment for pastors and academics called Simeon House and we are always working on producing and distributing resources for pastors.

That's what we do. Who we are is a slightly different question. You are welcome to read a little about our history, our vision and doctrine, Charles Simeon (the man by whom we are inspired and for whom we are named), or even the dedicated team of staff members working so hard on this work God has given us to do.

We do everything we can to stay narrowly focused on our one goal: "to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world by training the next generation of Bible expositors." The gospel opportunities before us are immense.